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Oh drat, Stefan Jones @ 249, I intended to make a publish by myself blog mentioning that repeats of BREAKING Undesirable ended up commencing tonight.

In reference into the 100 area of interest engines like google particle, Here is one that's not around the record: ohnorobot searches transcribed World wide web comics. It can be what xkcd utilizes for its lookup attribute.

There seems to me no doubt the Batman movie "The Dim Knight," currently breaking each box Business office report in background, is at some amount a paean of praise for the fortitude and moral bravery which has been revealed by George W.

She cannot be fired, regretably, but she will get rid of her license to observe law. Nonetheless, What's more, it seems like she was violating at least one law that may still use, Despite the fact that she has remaining the Justice Dept.

Where by I Are living, Absolutely everyone generally pulls more than for that ambulance. It is the individuals that Never pull more than for funeral processions that irriate me.

Serge @ 51: I Obtain that adding wings to one's coat of arms / sigil could possibly be an indication that a single has joined the "Baron's Peace". I've witnessed some references to this floating close to, but I do not know if It truly is canonical.

I kan now has bettr cluze thn mai randahm intranets poking hads prohduces! Blessings of Ceiling Cat on thees!!!

Xopher @ 372... I wonder if it can make me unconnected to humankind for in no way owning watched Seinfeld, aside from the bits which were forced on me throughout the holidays due to the fact my in-legislation HAD to provide the Tv set on to that clearly show?

Not surprisingly, he stood up all over again promptly, but that minute of habitual obedience gave me enough time I needed to get in grabbing range.

Was any of your implicit/explicit pro-polygamy stuff inside the Old Testament revoked or designed out of date by everything in The brand new Testomony? I am typically amused/bemused because of the individuals who desire a return to whatever they consult with as "common relationship", usually though metaphorically pointing to more info your Bible.

guthrie@185 (& prev) re unchanging cities: our 1995 guidebook pointed to some path of fascinating sites south of Oban; the iron smelter (constructed mainly because transport ore with the lake district created perception ahead of coal turned significant) was interesting to us geeks, but we had been both of those floored by a small Group in which people had lived in ~medieval conditions (e.g., animals in the opposite 50 % of the dwelling) until finally 1964.

So far as Friends and Seinfeld go, I obtain the previous entirely unrewarding website to the point of incomprehension of its attractiveness, and also the latter mostly monotonous. Seinfeld has its deserves, They are just far too handful of and far concerning to help make viewing it worth the effort.

OTOH, I've understood the social gathering isn't really right up until Friday, so the invertase has till then to operate its magic. So I've a little bit time and energy to fix screwups.

Yeah, I thought Jurassic Park took their 1 SFish premise (which may pretty very well be as difficult as sentient computer systems, which is to say, no one appreciates how to do it now, but there is not any identified Actual physical law forbidding it, just like (say) FTL journey) after which you can mostly made an effort to Enjoy by The principles of recognized actuality after that.

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